Video List for Pinnacle Web Gradebook
Orientation Time
Logging in to Your Gradebook 03:11
Getting Around in the Gradebook 02:44
Understanding the Gradebook Grid 02:36
Setting Up Your Classes 05:38
Categories & Assignments Time
Working with Categories 02:46
Creating an Assignment 02:20
Copying an Assignment 02:00
Adding a Narrative to an Assignment 01:15
Attendance Time
Using Quick Attendance 01:49
Using the Attendance Grid 02:16
Creating/Using a Seating Chart 04:00
Grading Time
Entering Grades 04:45
Giving Extra Credit Using the 4-Point Scale 01:57
Giving Extra Credit Using the 100-Point Scale 01:38
Overriding a Calculated Grade 01:49
Entering Required Assessments 03:20
Information Time
Displaying Student Demographic Information 02:52
Entering Teacher Notes on a Student 03:56
Entering Discipline Notes on a Student 01:55

Viewing/Editing a Teacher Profile

Reports Time

Choosing a Report

Working with My Reports 03:23
Adding/Removing Favorites Reports 01:41